Rubber Mat For Dog Crate Review

Dog crates are an excellent choice whenever you need to bring your buddy along with you on a trip. They're sturdy and safe to relax inside during a long ride. But many crates don't have a proper surface that could promote your dog experiences. Steel crates will offer durability and compact, but the floors are always cold and hard. Plastic ones might make your dog feel less uncomfortable, but they don't have such sturdiness as metal crates.

So what should you do? Easy, use a rubber mat for dog crates. It's cheap, it's durable, and your dog loves it. What could be better than staying in a cozy and safe hotel with a proper bed? Moreover, in case your buddy can withstand a long ride and accidentally take his dump on the mat, cleaning would be so easy with just a few splash of water. You can also treat urine and vomit the same way. But I doubt that your dog would do that to you. Anyway, here are the top 3 rubber mat that you could use for your dog crates.

#1. Bone Dry Rubber Pet Feeding Food/Water Mat

#1. Bone Dry Rubber Pet Feeding Food/Water Mat
4.7 star

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score


Comes with 2 sizes at 14 x 22.5 x 1 inches and 10 x 16 x 0.5 inches. The mat also has two different styles for you to choose. The "good dog" mat with two friendly feet on it, and the "hungry & thirsty" which cover a bunch of cute small feet. The material is 100% natural and recycled rubber. It's anti-slip and spill-proof which will keep your dog relax and reduce your cleaning effort to the minimum. Debris and dust can also be eliminated with just a simple vacuum ride or a gentle slap. And the fact that you could use this as a feeding mat makes the product such a worth-buying.

One thing you will notice when start using the mat is the strong rubber smell. But don't worry, it will go away over time. It can go well on wooden, ceramic, and metal floors but you should never place it on vinyl, linoleum or laminate. Recent studies showed that putting latex and rubber on these materials will create an adverse chemical reaction. As time go by, this will create stains that are hard to eliminate.

Things We Liked

  • Two sizes, two styles
  • Good looking
  • 100% natural and recycled material
  • Feeding and watering mat
  • Thick and durable

Things We Didn't Like

  • Strong rubber smell at first
  • Shouldn't use on vinyl, linoleum or laminate platform

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#2. Pet Food Mat for Dogs and Cats 

Pet Food Mat for Dogs and Cats Premium Grade Black Silicone
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score


Don't fancy with eye-catching patterns? Our next mat will please you. iHausPlus's Pet Food Mat is black, simple, but extremely effective. It's slightly thinner than the previous but still considerably durable. Not to mention, the slim design on the body gives the manufacturer the option to raise the lip's thickness. Thus, creates an efficient border to keep food and water stains on the mat.

And for those who worry about the rubber harm your pet's skin, stop worrying since you're in good hands. The non-toxic and non-allergic silicone will protect your dog's sensitive skin. If there is one thing I don't like about the mat, then it would probably the small size since my 4-years-old Pitbull can seem to fit in it (okay, it might because she is a "little" overweight). Also, the dot designs might frustrate you when cleaning with a broom. But a vacuum will get the job done correctly.

 Things We Liked

  • Simple and effective
  • Raised lip keeps the dirt inside
  • Non-allergic, non-toxic rubber

 Things We Didn't Like

  • Single size with no alternative options
  • Hard to clean with a broom or brush

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#3. ONME  Waterproof Pet Food Mat

ONME Dog Feeding Mat, FDA Grade Silicone Waterproof Pet Food Mat
4.7 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score


A high-quality mat with two perfect sizes for you to choose, 23.6 x 15.8 x 0.6 inches and 18.9 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches. And when I say high-quality, I mean it. Premium non-stick, non-fade, non-toxic, non-allergenic silicon with FDA approval, this will protect your mat from almost any stains. You can deal with debris and dust with just a simple slap on the back; sticky stains can also be wash away with only water. And the brilliant idea of raised lip makes food and water spilling no longer a problem.

The thin design might not interest you, but it makes the mat light and easy to maneuver. And the price is slightly higher than similar products. But consider what it brings, I would say that it's not expensive at all.

Things We Liked

  • Two common sizes
  • High-quality silicon
  • Non-stick, non-fade, non-toxic, non-allergic
  • Easy to clean
  • Raised lips prevent food from spilling

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some might not like the thin design

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Things to consider

There are only two factors that you should consider when choosing a rubber mat for your dog crate. First, it's the platform; second, it's the sizes.



These mats are often rough but not hard. People don't use them for pet mat very often.


It's the most used material. Strong, durable, and soft are what makes it so favorable.


The mat is often used in a large kennel where there are many dogs in it. That's why they need to make a drainage mat so that cleaning would be easier.


There are many sizes that you could choose. Some store also offers custom size so that you can freely choose. Just make sure that your dog head and tail won't fall off the mat when he/she is lying on it.


Can I use a dishwasher to clean them?

Yes, you can, since they're made from rubber. Unless you're going to penetrate your mat in the oven, everything is safe.

Will it fit my two small dogs?

Yes, but you can choose the bigger one just in case.

Bottom Line

Having the top-rated dog mat for crates is great for both you and your pet. We've listed the best product within a range of considerably good price. Feel free to take your buddy along on your journey or making him feel comfortable in his metal cave.

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