Maintaining Sparkling And Shiny Mirror Furniture

It is undeniable that mirror furniture is absolutely fabulous and gorgeous. The reflection effects would give your room appear more glitz and glamour. It will also create an illusion of a much larger room. But mirror furniture does come with some trade-off. Specs of dust, smears, and smudges can be easily spotted with our eyes. So, it would take a lot more maintenance compare to regular furniture. In any case, you should follow the tips which we provide in this article to keep your reflective tables, dressers, and other mirror furnishings always sparkling and shiny.

On daily basis

Avoid dragging items on your mirror furnishings

Avoid dragging items - especially with sharp and heavy objects on the mirror surfaces. It might scrape your reflective furniture or even scratch it. Placing or moving items on it dedicatedly. And remember to minimize the amount of weight on it.

Clean immediately - it is recommended that you should not place staining substances on your furniture. But we all know that this would never happen in real life. So the best option is to clean the stain the moment you spot it. Use a slightly dampened cloth in case it has dried.

Once a Week

Clean with cloth

Clean the dust - dusty furnishings make your home appear much duller, and they are also not good for the kid's health. So remember to clean it once a week. You can use a small piece of wet microfiber cloth to do it.

Polish your mirror - For the fingerprint marks and smudges, a simple solution of vinegar and water would help you wipe off the sticky ones.

Once a Month

Check for scratches and scrapes - give your mirror furniture a regular once-over to make sure that there is no damage on its finish. If you notice too many scratches, it might be necessary to have yours professionally repaired.

Permanent use

Place away from doors

Positioning - You would want to keep your reflective furnishings away from doors to avoid accidentally hitting it when you open the door.

Spray the cloth - we all have the habit of spraying the glass cleaner onto the surface instead of the cloth because we think that it would make it more efficient. But for most stains, a clean cloth and some warm water would be enough, so spraying on the glass won't do any help.

Use dry cloth - for small and little stains. Since water and other liquids can mar the finish if they sit for too long, using a dry piece of microfiber cloth is the best option for simple cleaning.

Extra caution during transport - we all have that same uneasy feeling when living our furniture in other hands. Especially with fragile items like mirrors. So it would never be too much to add a simple caution note to the box.

Keep away from kids and pets - these two usually don't fit well with mirror stuff. Since they are unaware of what they're doing, it is best to keep your children and pets out in the safe zone by adding doors and fences. Otherwise, they could accidentally break the mirror and injure themselves.

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Quote – Danielle Mottram, from Rombourne believes… “It is the attention to the smallest of details that counts and people appreciate having a clean environment to operate.

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