How to induce sleep paralysis

Imagine yourself in a state of complete conscious but unable to move. Sound quite absurd, right? But science has proven that sleep paralysis is possible and it often occurs when the body is going through unstable stages of sleep. The experience might be upsetting or even frightening at first, so you should be well-prepared both mentally and physically before attempting to induce sleep paralysis.

The method that we’re going to provide is based on science understanding. And it might not work for certain individuals due to their personal conditions.

First, relax with a bath to clear your mind and reduce the fatigue. You should do it about 1 hour before starting the process. Also, make sure you’re wearing a comfortable sleepwear (or naked if you are happy with it). Then go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual. If you’re too tired or feeling too sleepy, this method will not work.

Step 1:​

Working your limb and muscle for 5-10 minutes before laying down to bed. This will cause them to become tired and increase the possibility of sleep paralysis.

Step 2:​

Start laying down in a suitable position that you can stay for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Then gently close your eyes and keep this position for the next 20 minutes. Remember, you mustn’t move your body at all, or else it won’t work. This is why you need to flex the muscles before going to bed. And if you happen to move, you will have to start over.

Step 3​

With closed eyes, focus your vision on an imaginary object that is located about 3 inches in front of you. Your eyes will become tired and you might have strains, but that’s completely normal. During the process, feel the energy that’s going through your body and try to grab that energy. On top of that, your body must remain motionless. As time passes, you may feel a strange feeling that’s happening and your body might feel a little weird. That’s a good sign.

Step 4:​

At this point, although you’re still able to move your body and your body is probably eager for it. But don’t move a muscle. If you move, you will mess it up and we’ll have to begin from the first step. Instead, keep your focus on the eyes and build up more energy in this area. It is okay for the eyes to become a little tense, but your body must remain relaxed. And don’t think about falling asleep at this moment.

Step 5:​

If you’re doing it right, your body will start to lose its consciousness. Begin from the legs, then the arms. You will feel like they are not yours and slowly losing the ability to control. Eventually, the whole body isn’t yours anymore, you’re just a single soul with no relation to this body.

Step 6:​

After a certain time, you will feel an extremely weird sensation. It’s not coming from your body and neither your consciousness. You may now want to lift your arms or legs, but you couldn’t. You’re sleep paralysis. And don’t worry, it won’t take long before you regain control if you want to, a little struggle will be more than enough.

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