How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

For some reason best known to the powers that be, the modern kitchen has a rather unique ability to accumulate stuff. Things are always left lying on top of the kitchen counter, or in the corner somewhere, and most times it stays there because said ‘thing’ now has its home there. We are all guilty of this to some degree and it’s time to get smart about minimalizing your kitchen and keeping it simple and clutter free.

First things first

Going minimalist means that you have to be ruthless to some degree. Step one is to get rid of all the clutter and remove everything that really doesn’t belong in the kitchen and yes, that means screwdrivers, pens, kids toys and empty boxes. Keys belong on key hooks and the iron should be in the ironing closet along with the ironing board. The next step is to remove all those non-essential items. Open all your kitchen cupboards and take out anything you haven’t used in over a year. You can sell these or give them away because all they are doing for you at the moment is taking up precious space. Separate your decent and essential cookware from the rubbish you don’t use and you’ll be surprised at how big the rubbish pile actually is!

The solution is in the storage

You must be organised when it comes to storage. Make sure that you use a clear labelling system and find storage in cabinets that are now decluttered to place jars and wire baskets so that you can clearly see and identify your groceries. If you don’t use an item regularly then place it at the back of the cabinet, or identify a cabinet used only for those things you don’t use often. Then they’re all in one place and out of the way.

A great way to get larger items out of sight is by putting them in self-storage, which you can find and rent for a monthly fee at the nearest storage facility. Most of these facilities offer storage units of different sizes and dimensions, and can be utilised to store anything from extra dishware to appliances.

How it should look from the outside

Now that you have made order out of chaos on the innards of your kitchen, in keeping with the minimalist idea, you will have to design the layout accordingly. Our advice here is to stick to neutral colours, clean lines and mixed textures. Achieving the ultimate in minimalist design is not so easy for some of us as it requires going open plan. However, if there is a non-supporting wall which really doesn’t do much other than get in the way, think about removing it. You don’t need to break down the entire kitchen for it to have the open plan appearance, but the more space you create, the more open plan it will appear and feel.

We often have utensils and appliances haphazardly placed because it’s where we last used them. Rather find a permanent space for these, and affix them to walls if conducive to your minimalist approach. Large dining tables and a multitude of chairs shouldn’t be at home in the kitchen. Dining table means dining room. Opt for a small kitchen table and only a few chairs that the family can comfortably sit around during morning breakfast.

Final thoughts

You see, that wasn’t so difficult. Be ruthless and yet creative with your thinking. Small changes can have a large effect, and of course, it makes logical sense that the less items you have the more minimalist your kitchen will be.

Step back from your labours and be liberated by your efforts. Your sense of space and freedom when bustling about the kitchen should now be a more pleasant experience. Just remember to stick to your guns and don’t let those wanna-be new home in the kitchen finders find their way back again!

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