How do betta fish sleep

Betta fish is a commonly known aquarium fish. They come in various color and shape which makes them a must-have if you want to add a little bit of color element to your tank. But have you ever wonder do your betta ever sleep? This may sound simple, but I bet many of you are asking the same question.

Do they sleep?

Yes, in fact, all fishes need to sleep. Even though you don’t see them going to bed every night doesn’t mean they don’t sleep. Fishes that active in the night sleep during the day and vice versa. Thus, bettas being those that mainly active in the day will sleep in the night. The process is essential for all species since it will allow the brain to relax. On top of that, a lot of biological processes couldn’t happen when the body is still awake. So sleeping is important even for fishes.

But do they sleep like human? One thing to be sure is that they will not be able to sleep with their eyes close since fishes don’t have lids. So how can they sleep with their eyes remain open? And how can you distinguish whether your betta is sleeping or not?

How to tell?

One thing for sure is not by looking at their eyes. Betta is a daylight active specie, they will not sleep unless you turn off the aquarium light. Soon after that, your betta will find a comfortable spot to rest until the morning. So don’t forget to turn off the light from your aquarium when you’re going to sleep. Otherwise, your bettas will look like they’re on drug in the next day.

A few simple signs that you could easily notice is when you see your betta will lying at the bottom of the tank with his head pointing down. If you see this, don’t freak out since your pet is not dead. He is sleeping comfortably. Only when you see your fishes lying with their belly facing up should you be worrying. When a fish is lying in this position mean that it has lost the ability to keep balance since its fins do not work anymore. And the belly which contains the stomach will float higher.

And not just during the night, your fishes do rest thorough the day. During these naps, he will find a suitable place like among the leaves or in a cave. You can give you an ideal sleeping spot by organizing some bushy plants around a cave. And don’t interrupt his sleep since it is really important for your betta. But if you find his nap a little longer than usual, you could give him a little tap to wake him up.

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