Do You Have A Correct Pair Of Shoe That Matches Your Athletic Style!

Every player has its own biometrical demands. While one can adjust things like sportswear, gloves and other accessories, it’s hard to adjust with the footwear to have that comfortable game. Different sport demands different footwear. So, how will choose the best one?

As per technical aspects, shoes are classified on these grounds:

  • Stable shoes:

Stability is a must if you are a running player. It is also an important feature for the people whose foot gets rolled inward while running.

  • Motion control:

Motion control shoes are the most rigid and heavy ones. They not only provide support but also provide a cushion while running. They are best suited for the people who have flat feet or who run heavily.

  • Barefoot shoes:

These shoes don’t provide much cushion or support. They are specifically designed to offer barefoot running safeguarding feet.

  • Neutral shoes:

These shoes are for the people who have a neutral gait. They offer little softness and cushioning to the runner.

Shoes are more than just footwear; they offer sport-specific functions that aids in improving performance. So don’t lace up any one, have a look at some shoes that can go up your sport.

Running shoes:

So you go for a jog? Then why not having running shoes?

Running shoes

These shoes will protect you from injuries providing you comfort and cushioning. These are specifically designed to safeguard your heel and foot from injuries. A good pair of running shoes will protect you from tendinitis, splints and toe fractures. Running shoes come in three categories:

  • Road-running: These are for occasional forays and payments for the surfaces that have few irregularities. They are light and flexible, plus are designed to provide cushion or stabilization to the feet.
  • Cross-training shoes: They are perfect for gym freaks and cross-fit workouts. They also make perfect fit for the places that have thick platform sole.
  • Trail-running shoes: These are specially designed for off-road paths and for the routes that have obstacles, rocks, roots or mud. These shoes are designed to provide underfoot protection and stability for aggressive walks.

Hiking Shoes:

Hiking shoes are for people who wish to travel on rocky terrain. Since they are made from rubber, they offer stiffness that you would need to walk on rough grounds. Although different shoes may have different soles, you can choose as per the depth of your lugs. You can also choose raised heel sole shoe called as heel break which is quite sturdy and offers maximum shock absorption.

Soccer Cleats:

Soccer shoes are made of sturdy soles that aids in improving traction while running on the grass. These studs are made from materials like plastic, metal or rubber.

Soccer Cleats

Whether you want a conical stud for more stability or you want bladed studs for more traction and speed, or you are looking for the hard-ground stud for the running of firm surfaces, there are a myriad of options at the store where you can buy them. You can even order online & postpay money once you have made your choice.

Basketball Shoes:

Basketball shoes are flat and are made of rubber. They are wider and features herringbone pattern which is attached to the shoe to offer stability and grip to start and stops. The soles of these shoes are made of thinner rubber so that the player will not feel any weight while running.

They have thicker soles, are more durable and offer maximum shock absorption. Unlike other athletic shoes, they are more flexible and are perfect for quick pivots.

Tennis Shoes:

These shoes have flat and smooth sole as compared to basketball or hiking shoes. While there are many different tennis shoes to look for, you can pick as per your playing style, lateral moment and short sprints so that you can play well. If you are a baseline player, you would need a highly durable sole due to lateral motion.

Whether you have overpronation foot, neutral or underpronation, just know your foot type and then choose your tennis shoes.

You can also choose tennis shoes according to the court surface. Some of the most common ones are:

  • All court: These can be used on all surfaces and have a standard herringbone pattern
  • Carpet court Indoor shoes: They have sooth sole and are perfect for indoor carpet courts.
  • Grass court shoes: These shoes are perfect for artificial grass and also add firm grip on the normal hard court.
  • Clay court: The player can wear these shoes on all surfaces. They have zig-zag pattern that the player can wear on any surface.

Golf Shoes:

Since you are going to stand for quite a long duration, wearing golf shoes that fit properly and provide comfort is a must.

Golf Shoes

They offer minimum shock absorption when compared to other traditional running or gym shoes. These shoes are available in three forms:

  • Metal spikes: These types of shoes improve stability and are perfect for wet or irregular ground. Since the metal spikes can damage the green course, some professional golf courses restrict wearing them.
  • Soft spikes: These shoes offer minimum traction.
  • Spikeless golf shoes: These shoes have in-built rubber and offer improved traction than other shoes.

So, which athlete are you? Pick your favorite shoes and increase your game!

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