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Bed Bugs and Fleas Prevention Methods

Bed bugs and fleas are nasty little creatures, always ready to make your life very difficult if prevention methods are ignored. Prevention comes after the detection. Ever woke up one day and find small, red, itchy spots all over your body? Maybe your dog is scratching a lot and acts very anxious than usual. These […]

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How do betta fish sleep

Betta fish is a commonly known aquarium fish. They come in various color and shape which makes them a must-have if you want to add a little bit of color element to your tank. But have you ever wonder do your betta ever sleep? This may sound simple, but I bet many of you are […]

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How to sleep on Adderall

Quick Navigation How does it impact your sleep?1 – Set an alarm before going to bed:2 – Avoid distraction3 – Be consistent4 – Relax your mind5 – Turn off the light6 – Reduce caffeine usage and other stimulants7 – Control your medication intake For those who don’t know, Adderall is a combination of two stimulants […]

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How to induce sleep paralysis

Quick Navigation Step 1:​Step 2:​Step 3​Step 4:​Step 5:​Step 6:​ Imagine yourself in a state of complete conscious but unable to move. Sound quite absurd, right? But science has proven that sleep paralysis is possible and it often occurs when the body is going through unstable stages of sleep. The experience might be upsetting or even […]

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Best Body Shaper Review

Most people who are new to shapewear find it impressive to have a few of their extra pounds hidden away. It could give you slimmer and sleeker looks in your favorite party dress or casual office clothes. However, some people often take it too seriously. A common mistake that many usually makes when wearing it […]

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