Top 3 Best Watering Wand Review In 2017

In case you’re looking for the ultimate watering solution for your garden, lawn, or flower baskets. Our review will give you the best watering wand which is currently available and show you which one is more suitable than others depending on your own needs.

#1. Best Pick - Dramm 12804 Touch-N-Flow Rain Wand

Dramm 12804 Touch-N-Flow Rain Wand
4.7 star

Editor's Rating: 4.4/5 Overall Score


The Dramm 12804 is perfect for watering flowerbeds, gardens, and shrubs. This means that the wand will do a great job for small gardens with dedicated flower or vegetable buds. But don’t worry about the watering amount since it has a large variation of water level which can be adjustable, not to mention the huge volume. With a long wand design (as expected), you can freely have access to hanging pots and likewise.

One thing I like about this is the ability to fit in every hose that I’ve tried on. It does drip a little bit on some certain hoses, but overall, still works perfectly not to mention the reasonable price.

Things We Liked

  • Gentle spray with large volume
  • Anodized aluminum handle with plastic grip
  • Durable
  • Great fit

Things We Didn't Like

  • Water might drip a little bit depending on different hoses

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#2. Great Pick - Orbit Hose-End Wand

Orbit Hose-End Wand
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score


With the Orbit Hose-End, there are 9 spraying options for you to freely maneuver. It’s not only good for watering high flower baskets, but also great for washing cars. The long handle makes it easier to wash on the back and the bottom my car. Of course, you can use this one for watering your garden or lawn. The price is also very good, which is a factor that affecting my decision when choosing the product.

The wand has a good fit (for my hose only), I’ve heard some claims saying that it keeps falling off the hose. All in all, it’s a good wand with a decent price. The durability is not as great as others since the product will start to wear out after a year.

 Things We Liked

  • Effective
  • Powerful
  • Multiple spraying options
  • Long handle
  • Good price

 Things We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t have a good fit on hoses
  • Lack of durability

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#3. Also Great - Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer Shower Wand

Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer Shower Wand
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4/5 Overall Score


Coming with 9 spraying patterns as the Hose-End, but the SOMMERLAND Garden Hose offers more durability as it’s all well manufactured from quality materials. But of course, the price is also higher, so it’s up to you to choose the perfect one. The pattern is adjustable so it can be a gentle shower or powerful jet stream.

Very sturdy build with a tight fit on almost any hose. This sprayer is designed for multiple purposes, not only for gardening but also for watering car and likewise. It’s lightweight, making it easier to reach high and deep places for providing water to your plants.

 Things We Liked

  • 9 spraying patterns
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

 Thing We Didn't Like

  • Considerably high price

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Things to consider

Nozzle Spray Type

It depends on what kind of setting you often use. Different nozzle offers different sprays which determine whether they’re suitable for your piece of garden or not.

If it’s a large area of soil, you wouldn’t want to spend hours standing under the burning sun and waving that weak little nozzle that you’ve there, right? A nozzle with a wider range and larger volume would be the best for the job.

But on the contrary, a nozzle with small volume will provide a more suitable spray for fragile plants since it offers more dedication pattern. And if you want them both, a flexible nozzle with adjustable spray will guarantee the job done. But you’ll have to pay extra for that, which is considered reasonable.

Nozzle Material

When it comes to material, there often are not many choices for you to make with the nozzle. Since it’s constructed with two main components, the spray, and the handle. They can all be made from plastic but a metal one will be a much better choice since it offers more durability. The plastic one may be cheaper but that doesn’t make it a better deal. Plastic components can easily degrade under the effect of the sun and other elements. A metal spray with plastic handle is a good choice but you should be careful not to break it by putting too much force on the handle.

Automatic or manual

Another consideration which you should keep in mind is whether you should use an automatic nozzle or not. If you’re dealing with a large garden which needs to be watered with a large amount of water every day, then the automatic nozzle will do a great job. Vice versa.


Sometime, we’ll need a long handle that could reach higher places so we can water our hanging flower pots. This is why a watering wand with the longer reach will have more advantages than the others. But never says that the longer the better, sometimes you also need a short nozzle to water your garden. So my advice is to choose a watering wand with a removable handle, or at least choose one with an adjustable handle so you can maneuver the length and reach.


Can I use them to water indoor plants?

Actually, you can, by using the same nozzle for the job. But if you don’t do it carefully, the water might shatter on the floor. Many products today have an additional faucet which is specifically designed for watering indoor plants by increasing the number of drops at a lower volume. And even if yours isn’t included with one, there are many of this which you can purchase online. This will reduce the chance of having water dirtying your floor.

Can I use it by one hand?

For most of the watering wand on the market, yes you can. They’re often designed with the handle part not too far from the nozzle so you can control the water while spraying easily. But with those that are longer than usual and you wouldn’t be able to control them easily unless you have a really big hand.

Bottom Line

The only thing that makes a watering wand stand out to the others is the ability to satisfy all your necessary needs when it comes to watering your garden. Take a look at the considerations above and see which your most important one is. Then check out our best watering wands to see if you can find yours on the list.

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