Bed Bugs and Fleas Prevention Methods

Bed bugs and fleas are nasty little creatures, always ready to make your life very difficult if prevention methods are ignored. Prevention comes after the detection. Ever woke up one day and find small, red, itchy spots all over your body? Maybe your dog is scratching a lot and acts very anxious than usual. These signs indicate that you have bed bugs or fleas problem.


To make sure your pet is suffering from fleas,

  • Take a white sheet, place it under your pet and rub his body. If small black dots start appearing, this indicates a flea problem.
  • Your vet can recommend some products to bathe the pet. All the products are effective in removing the fleas from the pet’s body. It will take about three to four months before fleas are completely removed.

The situation further indicates that fleas are also in your home. Don’t panic. There are ways to deal with this issue.

  • First, make sure you are clean. Take a bath and clean up well.
  • You can use insect growth regulator to prevent further infestation while removing the remaining fleas and their eggs.
  • Desiccants can be used to stop fleas from spreading. Desiccants work by drying it out. Fleas can’t develop resistance against desiccants.
  • Heat treatment is another option if you can place the infested items in 120 degrees heat for a few days.
  • If a piece of furniture is severely infested, you’ll have to permanently remove it as soon as possible.

​The most important part of your strategy is to use the prevention method in the entire house. Don’t leave any room or place behind.

Bed Bugs:

In case of infestation, there are many ways to start the eradication process.

  • Take your pet to the veterinarian.
  • Remove the bed sheets and wash them with really hot water or on highest temperature settings.
  • Use hard filaments brush to scrub every inch of the mattress. A mixture of rubbing alcohol and water will speed up the process. This method is known to remove bed bugs.
  • Use desiccants because many small insects can’t survive against it.
  • Use chemical insecticides.
  • Stay away from the highly infested sofas or beds. Seal them immediately and only uncover while using a cleanup method.
Bed bug

​Humans and pets are both vulnerable to bed bugs. The best course of action is prevention and never let them infest your pets or home. Certain medications are available to keep pets safe from bed bugs and fleas. Vacuum your home at least twice a week. Keep a smooth flow of air and sunlight throughout the house. Manage your dirty laundry properly.

Bed bugs should be taken seriously and if you suspect an infestation start acting on countermeasures immediately.


Flea and bed bugs may look the same, but there are some differences. Don’t confuse one with the other. If you find yourself helpless against a bad infestation, then you can always hire a professional exterminator with years of experience dealing with these creatures.

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