What kills fleas in your yard? 3 solutions

Fleas come from natural to your pets or vice versa. Therefore, it is hard to tell exactly where they come from to stop them at the beginning.

By some tricks you can do to your yard, it is possible to kill all fleas. We recommend here what can kill fleas in your yard including simple natural tricks and using chemicals.

1. Flood the yard with water

In naturally, Fleas including larvae and eggs develop well in dry and warm weather, they will breed and grow up in the top of lawns where most of the sunlight shines every day.

Understand their habit, we recommend a very simple trick which can be applied to your garden or yard. It is flooding the area where you would like to kill the insect.

Flood the yard with water

Flooding these fleas in water will not only threaten to their survival but clean up all feces and eggs, stop all chances of development. The flood lasting long can kill all fleas and stop them from breeding in next seasons.

However, This is only suitable for a small area. You do not want to pump a swimming pool to kill these little insects.

2. Environmentally friendly nematodes

Nematodes are another green solution we would like to recommend. They are not a chemical or spray which can kill fleas at a touch, but a type of microscopic worms which are eatable to larvae such as fleas.

Environmentally friendly nematodes

This product is on sale massively and you can easily release them onto lawn and yard. Thier life will be longer if you leave them in shade. Larvae of fleas after consuming them will die. The good point is they are safe to all plants and animals or human being.

3. Insecticides- treatment for not only fleas

Insecticides are nearly the first thing we all think of. They are on sale in multiple forms: spray, powder, fluids,...they are more helpful to apply in the large yard and lush lawns. However, some of them are poisonous to animals and vegetables so you have to read the description and guideline carefully in advance.

It is necessary to consider your own condition to decide what kills fleas in your yard. Because some of them are safe to all but fleas, but some can be harmful to the whole habitant.

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