Top 3 Best Pond Filter Review In 2017

If you're trying to create an ecosystem in your backyard with colorful fishes then pond filters and air pumps are definitely what you’re looking for. They can maintain a clean environment that’s able to sustain life, which is a vital key for a home ecosystem.

Pond filter acting as a “terminator” in your little ocean. By eliminating all the sewage and wastes, they keep your pond clean and lively. So having one of these is undoubtedly the first priority if you’re aiming for a clean and balanced pond system.

By putting all the common factors into consideration, we’ve drawn out the best pond filters with a guaranteed-quality from all the products currently on market.

#1. TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter

TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score


The filter is much more than expected when I first used it on the smallest pond in my back yard which is about 200 gallons. Within 12 hours, the murkiness which was caused by the rain from yesterday has been completely removed. And should I mention that I and my wife also have some gold and koi fish in the pond? The next day also showing no sign of muckiness, the pond is still crystal clear.

This one little submersible pond filter is perfect for small ponds up to 500 gallons. With a strong pumping capacity, it can maintain the clarity for a very long time without any maintenance. Plus the price is impressively good, consider what it brings. Although the durability has been tested yet, with a 1-year-warranty I still think it’s a right decision buying this filter.

Things We Liked

  • Great price
  • Perfect for small ponds up to 500 gallon
  • Wide variety of pumps, from 200 to 2000 GPH
  • Submersible under water

Things We Didn't Like

  • Overly power consumption

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#2. Pondmaster Pump and Filter with Bonus Fountain Head

Pondmaster Pump and Filter with Bonus Fountain Head
4.7 star

Editor's Rating: 4/5 Overall Score


The first thing that crosses my mind is “now, this is a durable one”, you can tell this by looking at the given specs from the manufacturer. It’s made from high-quality material that’s used to make aquatic equipment. It provides both the biological and mechanical filtration which is perfect for creating the best environment for aquatic life. And the included fountain head makes it look so cool.

We tried the filter in our two 50 and 70 gallon ponds. It’s able to keep the water crystal clear for 3-4 days until the sudden rain causes muddiness the pond. But it only takes a night for the filter to get rid of the dirt. I was able to see my gold fish swimming in the bottom of the pond in the next morning.

 Things We Liked

  • High-quality material that increases durability
  • Provide both mechanical and biological filtration
  • Bonus fountain head
  • Great for small ponds
  • Less power consumption than others
  • Good customer service

 Things We Didn't Like

  • Small filtration capacity

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#3. XtremepowerUS Pond Pressure Bio Filter UV Sterilizer

XtremepowerUS Pond Pressure Bio Filter UV Sterilizer
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score


If you’re done with the small pond filters, it’s time to take on this giant. The XtremepowerUS is capable of pumping 10000 litter per hour which is suitable for 4000-gallon pond. You can also use the filter on smaller ones that are dirty and murky due to having too many fishes. It also offers both the bio and mechanical filtration. The built-in UV sterilizer will get rid of all the harmful bacteria and maintain a clean environment.

Undoubtedly the ultimate “terminator” for any backyard ecosystem.I purchase the filter last week and immediately try it with our 800-gallon pond. And I must remind you that we have 12 koi fish in it. The cleaning happens very smooth, our pond is cleaned within a night and has stayed like that for a week now.

Things We Liked

  • High capacity, suitable for large ponds
  • Included a 13w UV light for sterilizer
  • Efficient cleaning ability
  • Offer both biological and mechanical filtration

Things We Didn't Like

  • Make noisy sounds when cleaning

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Things to consider

Pond filter types

In-pond sponge filter: it’s often used on small filters, usually with those that are under 500 gallons. If you’re intended to adopt some fish in it, the filter requires an additional bio-chamber for better filtration.

Skimmer filter: The filter removes all the large debris which often are leaves so it can keep your pond clear and clean. The device seems to work best on small ponds and those that don’t have fish.

Pressure filter: This type of filter is often used on a large pond with high capacity. It uses a mechanical filter that forces water to go through a sponge that gets rid of all the debris. The filter can be used on a 5000-gallon pond and even bigger ones.

UV Sterilizer: The filter is indispensable for those who are looking for creating an ecosystem in their backyard. The UV sterilizer will get rid of all the dirt and sustain a life-supportive environment for the aquatic creature inside.

Pond filter size

If you just want a simple pond for some aquatic plants to grow on, the filter doesn’t have to be powerful or have biological filtration. A common skimmer filter is fine with a small to medium size pond.

But if you want an ecosystem with fish, turtles, and plants, you’re going to need a filter that offers both mechanical and biological features.


1, Do you have to use a pond filter?

The answer is yes if you’re aiming for a complex ecosystem. And it’s a no if you only intend to have some fish. In the second case, you could consider growing some aquatic plants around the pond and let them do the filtration. This will create a naturally balanced environment.

2, How long should you replace your filter and lines?

You should clean the filter after each 3-month and replace the lines after 3-4 years. It also depends on the size and the number of fish you have on the pond, too.

Bottom line

The best pond filter is the one that matches all your requirement as well as your budget too. Our reviewed products have their own outstanding features that make them worth buying. Before deciding which one to buy, you should arrange your priorities in a particular order for the best decision.

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