Top 3 Best Ground Cover For Dogs Review In 2017

It seems impossible to have a lovely dog and beautiful landscape ground at the same scene. However, it is nothing hopeless to looking for solutions, which at least keep grounds and pets to live in harmony and peace. We have considered some products from living carpets to non-living to reach the best ground cover for dogs as detailed recommendation below.

We put on a big hope that our pick will help you to create a lovely garden view and a nice pet playground right at your own house.However, we have to say in advance, if you are looking for a non-living cover, this topic may become useless. We are about to discuss on plant carpet which you can transplant at campus and develop an area of green and freshness for lovely dogs.

#1. Best Pick - GreenView Fairway Formula Grass Seed

GreenView Fairway Formula Grass Seed
4.7 star

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

The package is a container of tall fescue plant which is, luckily, not included in list of toxic plants to dogs (as published by American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal ASPCA) what impressed us from this plant is better toleration to lawns for pet urine. By using artificial pet turf or non-living ground covers, you could suffer stain and odors from dog litter.

Considering other grass, we find out that they tend to be ruined faster. Tall fescue promises a turf playground for your dogs and its ability to moderate shade may help them to dig less. It is not the main point but we do not minus it from criteria of a good choice. We also trust its doing a good job because of its deep rooting and large blades. These tiny features will matter hugely on if you can keep a lush and loamy ground cover in front of a mischievous dog.

Things We Liked

  • Strong maintenance
  • Fresh and standstill with pet urines
  • Serious traffic
  • Good at shade moderation

Things We Didn't Like

  • Slow growth
  • Expensive charge

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#2. Budget pick - Creeping Thyme HERB Elfin SerpyllumGel

Creeping Thyme HERB Elfin Serpyllum
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

Actually, paying for a big package of tall fescue is not too expensive but you will have too much excess for just a square of lawn. Therefore, we offer you a more economical solution. We think that even with much cheaper price, the creeping Thyme Elfin Serpyllum seeds are all beautifully adequate ingredients for a lush ground.

The best thing we saw first from this flora is its strong capacity, seeds can grow anywhere in your garden even leaks of rock and containers. You should start looking for a lawn-fall right inside your garden. They will grow in high dense so you do not need to worry much about traffic from children and dogs, they would be safe with playing and rolling in light abuse.

Moreover, it will blossom in summer with purple flowers, that would be so awesome with garden lovers. Nevertheless, that would be better to check your dogs with bees, especially honey bees because these flowers will become extra attractive due to scent.

 Things We Liked

  • Edible plants and flowers to keep dogs safe
  • Nice and colorful offer to a lawn
  • Cheap and adequate
  • Every-terrain coverage

 Things We Didn't Like

  • Slow grower
  • Attractive to bees in flower season

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#3. Also Great: Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4/5 Overall Score

The Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed is the mixture of Perennial Rye Grass. The reasons causing us to see its suitability for dogs is its growth speed and covering. Perennial Rye grass can grow up in 10 days from seeding even though full lawn take more time to develop. It can make a thick and solid layer of grass which is safe for dogs to play around and lying on.In addition, in common situations, dog urines and feces burn grasses and leave brown spots on the landscape but this type of plant can be reseeded in a short time, returns you green and lush garden view.

Perennial Rye grass in nature can grow on any soil ( including compacted soil) and under any weather. The more moisture it is, the faster Perennial Rye grass grows. You will hardly find as energetic and strong plant as Perennial RyePros:

 Things We Liked

  • Strong vitality and compatible for any regions
  • Easy to take care of and reseed
  • Sufferable for dogs urine and feces
  • Thick and lush ground grass cover

 Things We Didn't Like

  • These seeds will need more water than others, therefore, if your place is too hot or drought, you need to spend more time to take care of their growth.

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What make us creditable

The ground cover for dogs is one of the most challenging products we reviewed as planting a lawn is not about making a nice scene for your garden but a safe and playful ground for pets. We also researched some non-living products such as gravel or pet turf, however, we don't think they will eliminate all dangers to dogs and remain tidiness for your own house. Come to living carpet, we have been search in the toxic plant to dogs listed by ASPCA to avoid the wrong choice, hence, at least, you can trust us for your dogs’ safety. Moreover, we recommended these plants because of their strong living capacity which ensure them to remain after traffic from children or dogs, rolling and digging better than other grasses. We strongly believed that picks brought in are widely compatible to various type of grounds and gardens and favorited by many dogs.

Who need them?

If your dogs love digging and littering around your garden, these seeds may help. Digging is undeniable habit of dogs. They, due to many reasons including weather or breed or bugs express digging in different level of digging. Therefore, we chose plants whose roots are deep and stable under serious traffic. Moreover, tall fescue can handle urine very well in compare to others greens so it may keep your area look better longer.

However, no plants will survive a dig, therefore, you may want to reseed the area and we think reseeding is much nicer than replace a piece of torn artificial turf.Those who live with children and dogs loving playground may prefer them than gravel or pet turfs. We believe that all people love the softness and freshness of living lawn, not toughness or fake from artificial carpets. The plants we recommend are edible and safe certificated by authorities, therefore, it could be nothing better for your children and dog can find such an environmental lawn right in the house.


1. Are they like gravel or wood chips ground cover?

Their purpose of use may be the same but we guarantee that their value is much more to consider. These non-living cover may save you from reseeding and digging from dogs, or even pet urine. However, plant will be the best for human and animals and due to their good absorption and renewability, we highly evaluate their suitability for any gardens.

2. How long for them to grow? How to maintain?

The seeds will take some months for fully growth and lush. However, it will standstill for a long time and can be easily reseed. These plant will be spotted by dog urine in long or short time and after they become dead, you must reseed the areas. For tall fescue, you should use Kentucky bluegrass because they will deal quickly with the crisis. The best you can do for maintenance is washing urine as soon as possible by water, it will help to minimize influences grass may suffer from dog litter. You can read more in care here for tall fescue grass.

3. How tall they could be?

The tall fescue can reach 2’’ to 3’’ inches of height and the Thyme Elfin grass can be up to 1’’ to 2’’ inches.

Bottom line

We thank you for your reading until now and we hope those information may help you a little about what to do with your garden and your dogs to keep them good together. The top-rated ground cover for dogs we reviewed here may not suit for somebody and their requirements. However, we suppose that by flexibility and durability of these safe and green grass, your animals will love to stay in most of the time and your house can be as much lovely as possible with a real green lush carpet.

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